MusicJOT: Case Study

    Published: 20th February 2017

    A professional musician/self-taught programmer and an amateur musician/professional programmer sought to ease the composing process by creating a music notation app with advanced handwriting capabilities. Using MyScript’s Music software development kit to provide music recognition and functionality, they successfully built and launched an app exclusively for the iPad® called MusicJOT, providing the fastest way to notate music since paper and pencil.

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    Handwriting: Essential to Human Development?

    Published: 31st January 2017

    Handwriting is good for you. Instead of being a dying art, it’s increasingly recognized as an essential cultural tradition. Handwriting provides not only strengthens motor skills in children, it provides critical tools for developing your brain, building your memory, and grasping and expressing complex ideas. It can make you smarter, and may even turn out to be essential to human development. If that sounds like a grand claim, take time to read some of the studies on the topic. Here are some of the fascinating things you’ll find…

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    The Multimodal Future of Mobile Devices

    Published: 29th November 2016

    Two big trends driving the development of future personal computing hardware are the need for mobility and the desire for multimodal input. The option for phones, tablets and wearables to offer multiple ways — such as voice, typing, handwriting and more — to enter content is rapidly becoming a requirement. The user experience demands that the user become more productive and satisfied with their data input experience.

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    Nebo—Not Just Another Boring Notetaking App

    Published: 30th September 2016

    A key component of human communication has always been handheld tools. Today, the tools are in transition to the digital world, including digital handwriting. How is note taking in MyScript’s Nebo different than in hundreds of other ink-based apps? The answer to that question largely depends on if you have ever wanted to edit, correct or change your notes once they were written — and who doesn’t want the power to easily make edits?

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    Why Detachable Tablet Sales Are Skyrocketing

    Published: 31st August 2016

    PC sales are abysmal. Laptop sales are down. iPad sales are down. Smart phone sales are down. About the only consumer computing sales that are up are the so-called 2-in-1 laptops — i.e., laptops that include detachable tablets that enables users to write on the device, such as the iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 and similar devices from other OEMs.

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    MyScript Introduces Interactive Ink and Nebo

    Published: 9th August 2016

    Interactive Ink is a new form of digital ink technology that allows you to interact with digital ink in the way you interact with text input using a word processor. You can edit, delete, store, share and move your handwritten ink across OS platforms to create digital documents. Interactive Ink relies on real-time predictive handwriting recognition supported by artificial intelligence and neural network architectures. The flexibility of pen and paper can now be combined with the power of digital computing to usher in a new dynamic digital handwriting experience. The power of Interactive Ink is showcased in our recently launched note-taking product, Nebo.

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    Your Handwriting’s Never Been the Problem

    Published: 31st May 2016

    Ever since the advent of the Newton it’s been assumed by a large portion of the pundit class that the problem with handwriting recognition technology is bad writing, and that the scrawled, semi-illegible scribbles most people mark up their documents with is the primary reason effective recognition has been so hard to implement for decades.

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    Is now the time for digital handwriting?

    Published: 11th May 2016

    Pen and paper have become an increasingly rare sight in classrooms around the world – and seemingly for good reason.

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    5 ways HWR can make your workday more efficient

    Published: 28th April 2016

    From the back seat of a cab to the boardroom, handwriting recognition (HWR) technology has enabled an increasingly mobile workforce to conduct business more efficiently than ever before.

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    Handwriting Recognition Solutions for iPad Pro (and iPad)

    Published: 15th April 2016

    There’s nothing new about entering text on iPad by hand, with varying degrees of success. Things got a little better with the first Bluetooth styluses, but it still depends on the app used. – Article courtesy of VVMac

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    Technology for Tomorrow’s Drivers

    Published: 15th April 2016

    Millennials are increasingly taking hold of new car market share, and with these car purchases, many decisions are made based on the technology included with the vehicle. In 2015, U.S. millennials purchased 4 million cars, second only to baby boomers. Following are several examples of the latest automotive technology, developed to meet the demands of today’s connected drivers.

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    Happy National Pencil Day!

    Published: 30th March 2016

    Today is National Pencil Day, an annual event each March 30th to commemorate the day stationer Hymen Lipman secured the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser in 1858.

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    Evaluating the Impact of Online Learning

    Published: 16th March 2016

    As more students come to the classroom equipped with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, teachers can take make the most of today’s connectivity by incorporating online learning into the curriculum. Greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing, real-time feedback mechanisms and improved teacher-student interactions are just a few of the advantages offered.

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    Wearables don’t have to be terrible – Using natural input methods

    Published: 25th February 2016

    Demand for wearable technology has grown in recent years with no signs of slowing down. According to one Gartner report, the wearable tech market will grow by 39 percent by 2017, with nearly 322 million devices expected to be sold.

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    The Path to Interactive Ink

    Published: 22nd February 2016

    We’ve reached a tipping point for ink management and handwriting recognition technology. Today, we’re interacting with digital devices more than ever before. The average American owns four digital devices and each week, consumes more than 60 hours of content across them.

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    Celebrate Handwriting Day with MyScript

    Published: 22nd January 2016

    In honor of National Handwriting Day on January 23, we are taking a moment to reflect on how handwriting impacts our lives every day.

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    Noting the Future of Music with Digital Ink (Bett Show 2016 Preview)

    Published: 18th January 2016

    At Bett Show 2016, MyScript (stand B87) will feature a partner demonstration by PreSonus® Notion® for iOS. To learn more about the impact digital ink has on the future of music creation and education, we spoke with Chris Swaffer, Product Manager, Notion at PreSonus Audio Electronics.

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    CES 2016: Takeaways for Automotive Design

    Published: 11th January 2016

    CES 2016 was especially exciting for the automotive sector – as the connected car steers closer to becoming a reality. Take a look at the biggest takeaways for automotive design.

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    2016 Predictions: Three Industries Poised for Digital Ink Technology

    Published: 6th January 2016

    With 2016 officially under way, this year is shaping up to be an exciting one for digital ink and handwriting recognition (HWR) technology. We take a look at which industries are most likely to take advantage of, and benefit from, digital ink and HWR.

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    Counting Down to CES 2016!

    Published: 3rd January 2016

    We are counting down to CES 2016 in Las Vegas! Meet with MyScript to learn about the latest developments in digital ink.

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    Meet the Developer of Numbers and Letters Game, Samir Toumi

    Published: 28th December 2015

    Meet the developer of Numbers and Letters Game, 1st Runner Up in the MyScript App Challenge. Created by Samir Toumi (ST-Design), the app allows users to complete arithmetic and text puzzles using handwriting.

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    Meet the Developer of Fing’R Mote, Patrick Percevaux

    Published: 14th December 2015

    Fing’R Mote won the Grand Prize in the MyScript App Challenge. The app, created by Patrick Percevaux, allows you to control your TV or IP TV box from a smartphone using handwriting. We sat down with Patrick to discuss his experience using MyScript tools.

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    Meet the Developers of Spell Script, Nebojsa Kamber and Branko Sedlar

    Published: 7th December 2015

    Spell Script, an educational game created by Nebojša Kamber and Branko Sedlar, won the Popular Choice Award as part of the recent MyScript App Challenge. We sat down with the creators to discuss their experience using MyScript tools.

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    Meet the Developer of Draw & Dial, Faisal Almahdi

    Published: 2nd December 2015

    MyScript recently announced the winners of the MyScript App Challenge. In this blog post, we sat down with one of the winners, Faisal Almahdi, owner of Paradigm Management Consulting Inc. to talk about his experience using MyScript tools to develop the Draw & Dial app.

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    MyScript App Challenge: And the Winners are…

    Published: 19th November 2015

    Congratulations to the winners of the MyScript App Challenge: Fing’R Mote, Numbers and Letters Game, Draw & Dial, and Spell Script!

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