MyScript Video Illustration

Seeing is Believing

The full power of digital writing comes to life most vividly when you experience it firsthand. In addition to our online demos and demo apps, MyScript videos provide a good introduction to MyScript technology and applications.

Video Library

  • MyScript® Music Software Development Kit
    MyScript® Music Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the simple conversion of handwritten music to a digital format. With the MyScript Music SDK, it is possible to develop applications enabling the recognition of handwritten musical scores created with any digital writing device. Symbols such as notes, clefs, bars, chords, time signatures, and more can be written, […]
  • Handwriting On The Go With MyScript®
    Mobile devices are everywhere. Enhance your solutions for these devices with MyScript handwriting recognition functionality (available through our Developer Kits).  
  • MyScript Calculator 1.3 for iOS® Devices
    Our development team heard users’ suggestions and incorporated multiple new features into this fan favorite, which automatically transforms handwritten equations into real-time results.  
  • MyScript Stylus Handwriting Input Panel
    MyScript Stylus is an interactive input panel that allows print and cursive handwritten text entry using a stylus or fingertip. It offers a user-friendly alternative to onscreen and physical keyboards. MyScript Stylus is available now on the App Store for iOS. An Android version MyScript Stylus Beta is available on Google Play.  
  • MyScript® Calculator (iOS and Android)
    Winner of the Mobile Apps Showdown, MyScript Calculator turns your handwritten mathematical expressions into results
  • MyScript® MathPad
    A must have application for all students and professors that need a simple tool to write mathematical expressions.
  • MyScript® Memo
    Jot down a short memo or action list and convert it to digital text for easy export and sharing.
  • MyScript® Stack – A Natural Keyboard For iOS 8
    MyScript Stack is an input method that provides a handwriting alternative to your keyboard. Designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad, MyScript Stack provides a fast and easy character by character and superimposed input method interface.  
  • MyScript® Stylus™ (Beta)
    Discover the world’s most popular handwriting input method.