MyScript’s New Handwriting Recognition SDK Introduces Multimodal Input

Published: 29th November 2016

SDK Improves User Experience with Cursive Superimposed Handwriting and Keyboard Management

Nantes, France – Nov. 29, 2016 – MyScript, a pioneering market leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology, announces the availability of the latest Software Development Kit, SDK8, for use by software developers and OEMs alike. Created within MyScript Labs, this feature rich release provides essential building blocks to develop Multimodal Input (MMI) solutions that combine superimposed handwriting together with a versatile keyboard input facility. Users can now independently write character, cursive or words on top of each other, all without changing device input modes. A predictive virtual keyboard is also provided enabling consistent user feedback in all input modes.

“The SDK8 is the first handwriting recognition technology that combines the benefits of Multimodal cursive and character superimposed handwriting together with a SmoothTypeTM virtual keyboard capability,” said Thomas Penin, product manager, MyScript. “By leveraging the power of a unique engine sharing the same language model, the developer can now build a comprehensive, user consistent and efficient input method for their device.” SmoothType is the capability to draw a word by tracing on the corresponding keys.

Input Options Ease Integration for Developers

The new SDK8 introduces more flexibility to our superimposed handwriting style–it now supports not only characters written on top of each other but part of words, or complete words and manages auto-spacing between words. Users benefit from consistent text in all input modes, providing an improved content creation experience. This is of special benefit to users writing on small screens where the room you have to write on is quite limited or in automotive applications where the user is not always able to view the vehicle’s input screen.

“Providing the user with the flexibility to input information in multiple handwriting methods or a virtual keyboard while obtaining consistent user feedback from the device is essential to a superior user experience,” said Gary Baum, vice president of marketing, MyScript. “The new system development kit provides these Multimodal Input capabilities that offer the user a way to input content the way they want.”

Developing an input method that adapts to the user’s environment and the task being performed is a challenging and critical design element and greatly impacts user satisfaction. From providing minimal distraction in an automotive infotainment system, to productivity gains when creating content on larger devices, adapting to the user input preferences with a unified multimodal method provides ease of use not previously possible. System designers also benefit from ease of integration with multiple input options and a reduction in cost by enabling a smaller, more efficient software solution.

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