MyScript® SDK gets an update

Published: 14th September 2017

MyScript has updated its popular SDK toolkit. The SDK version 8.2 provides advanced handwriting recognition and digital ink manage for text, math, graphics and music. This release provides performance improvements to math recognition, reducing error rates.

MyScript SDK is a must have for all developers that desire to add digital ink capabilities to their applications. Text recognition includes block characters, cursive input and superimposed text input providing a complete solution. We’ve also added superimposed and keyboard support for Thai, Farsi and Urdu languages. Additionally, the user UX has been Improved to better recognize words that are not part of the lexicon for 55 languages, further reducing error rates.

Developers now have the ability to provide on-device, user-specific linguistic adaptation capabilities providing enhanced predictions to better match user expectations.

The Core SDK is flexible to integrate with cross platform support for a variety of operating systems including; Window (32 & 64 bit), Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.


The winner of multiple CROHME math recognition competitions is now even better. The SDK renders complex mathematical expressions easily using your handwriting input, however the math equation results are now ranked higher if they are semantically more likely. For instance, the engine will favor y = ax2 + bx + c compared to y = az + bx + c. This refinement greatly improves the desired recognition result, reducing errors up to 20 percent.

Keyboard and Multimodal input
Versatile keyboard support includes both fuzzy typing input and smooth typing enabling applications that are highly productive. Multimodal input (MMI) capability provides the right input type for each situation.


MMI is supported using a single execution engine assuring a more consistent user experience while also reducing device performance and memory requirements.


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