MusicJOT® app notation powered by MyScript available in the Apple Store

Published: 31st January 2017

MusicJOT is a powerful music notation app that’s also easy to use. Write quickly and naturally on a staff and watch it rendered into beautifully notated music. Interact directly, quickly dragging notes around to change their pitch or duration and choose advanced features from pop-up palettes. Listen to your composition with our full-featured audio playback engine, featuring unlimited tracks and 128 built-in General MIDI instruments. Export your scores in MusicXML or MIDI and pick them up in any desktop notation app such as Finale® or Sibelius® for final tweaking and printing.


Thanks to the integration of MyScript Music and the MusicJOT® music engine, app users can write music with a finger or stylus and see it effortlessly convert to digital notation. Using an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, users can write with an enhanced user experience which provides a more natural feeling and even greater accuracy. Up to 100+ music elements such as notes, clefs, bars, chords, time signatures, and more can be written and recognized.

If you use a stylus, MusicJOT is already set up to take full advantage of the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro and Adonit Jot Touch with an interface to allow customization of the styluses behavior including settings for righties and lefties.

You can find more information about MyScript music technology on our developer portal.

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